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After-sales service policy of SoundMAGIC


According to the Chinese "Three Guarantees" service regulations, the after-sales service policies of SoundMAGIC products are as follows:

1.Returns and exchanges policy

①All products (except accessories) sold online or offline by SoundMAGIC can be returned or exchanged within 7 days without any reason. Refund or replacement for goods without any reason must be applied within 7 days from the date of receipt, No processing will be allowed after 7 days. The returned products should be guaranteed that the goods and packaging will not affect the second sale, and the reason for the return should be attached.


②Within 7 days since the consumer receives the goods, if the product has a functional fault, the consumer can choose to return, replace or repair treatment.


2. Warranty & Service Terms

There is a free warranty service of SoundMAGIC products within one year from the date of purchase.


If the quality problems of the products within the warranty period occur, which are caused by normal use after testing, they can maintain for free, and if they cannot be repaired, they can be replaced directly.


During the warranty period, the express fee incurred when the product is sent for repair shall be paid by the buyer, and the express fee incurred when the product is sent back after repair shall be paid by the seller. When receiving the after-sale parts, if it needs to be paid on arrival that will not be accepted.


If the product the customer purchased has exceeded the one-year free warranty, SoundMAGIC will provide a paid repair service, depending on the specific damage or failure of the product.

After the repair of the products within the non-warranty period is completed, the express fee incurred when the products are sent back shall be paid by the consumers themselves. The specific cost shall be agreed upon through communication according to the specific situation.


Not all products sold are repaired for a fee,the service is not available under any of the following conditions: The product you apply for repair is seriously damaged and can no longer be repaired. The product you apply for repair has been out of production for more than 2 years, and the parts required for repair are out of stock and no other parts can be replaced. SoundMAGIC reserves the right to provide paid maintenance services, please contact customer service staff for details.


3. The following conditions do not apply to warranty policies.

Natural wear and aging of shell, wire, earcaps and other consumable materials;

Artificial damage of the product (self-disassembly, modification, access to improper equipment) and other illegal use.

Products have been repaired by individuals or service units not authorized by our company.

Damage caused by accidents such as handling, falling and heavy pressure, and damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters.

Failed to provide real and valid purchase records or warranty evidence.


4. Notes for product repair

Please contact the official customer service of SoundMAGIC to verify the purchase history and register any product before sending it for repairContact after-sales phone 0769-81270118-836 or online customer service.Please include your personal phone number, delivery address, purchase order number, product failure and other information when sending products by express.

If you need to pay for maintenance, please contact the online customer service to communicate related maintenance matters and pay the fee. The customer service will arrange the maintenance matters as soon as possible.

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